Phoenix is located in the ancient city of Hunan Province Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of southwestern Guizhou Province and the West Songtao,Tongren County border.Fried with a total area of 1758.5 square kilometers,accounting for 10 autonomous counties and cities,an area of 8.12 percent,Hunan Province,is one of the smaller counties.Fenghuang County in three years,Tang arch(687),when they set up Wei County.Since then,or attached to Zhao Yu Li or Mayang,frequent changes in the Song Dynasty set up to toast.Three Qing Ming-Lung(1569)in order to monitor the toast in this area of high-tide Well barracks.Therefore,there is a mountain in the shape of Phoenix,Phoenix Mountain said,naming Hill as a result of this military camp,Camp Phoenix,said.39 Qing Emperor Kangxi(1700)established the Office,named Phoenix Office,the Office of governance pole in the town located in the town(now the town of Tuojiang).Jiaqing 2002(1797)or scattered to the Office of the Office of Zhili.In 2002(1913)to the Office for the county,said Fenghuang County,Xiangyan so far.Phoenix today throughout the town of zoned 5(a one towns,the town at the township level 4)and 27 townships.300,000 people,is a multi-ethnic Miao County,the Han,Tujia,and so on back to the nation.Mountainous County,in a low mountain,the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau to the rear of the Wulingshanmo southern branch,arrived in the southeast and northwest high.The Prince has mt 47,and other mountains,such as 156 large and small Tuojiang River,the peaks constitute Diego range upon range of hills,rivers crisscrossing China gully,fast-flowing landscape.Throughout roughly divided into three steps,to the east southeast as the first step,500 meters above sea level,about 12 township(town);south-west to north-east of the mountains in the lower level for the third step,500-800 meters above sea level,About 14 township(town);to the northwest in the third grade level,the platform is a high mountain,800 meters above sea level,about 6 townships.County are in sub-tropical moist monsoon climate,I,four seasons,the average rainfall for many years 1308.1 mm,concentrated in the January-May,summer and fall,about a four-year drought event of the three.The average annual sunshine is 1266.3 hours,frost-free period for 277 days,the average annual temperature of 15.9 ℃.Phoenix so not only rich in natural resources and beautiful mountains and rivers,scenic and historical sites also.There are 25 km away from the county to preserve the integrity of the黄丝桥古城;6 km away from the ancient city of Phoenix has Qiliang Dong.Chang-dong few years,thousands of stalactites,the Meteorology Series;Wo Rural Library inside the Star Mountains,thousands of cliff Ren,the situation is really difficult is the year the Qing Dynasty Qian Jian Miao people of the ancient battlefield of the intifada;Liao Xiang of Longjing Stephen Chao,spring water poured out from time to time,Zhang Yu as high as the water column;Liu Heung a thin sharp falls after another,up to 236 meters between the air,Fei Xie,very spectacular;Miao Shan Town is inhabited areas and maintained a strong national characteristics;county Tuojiang Town and the East Gate of the ancient city gate Original floor remains,the ancient river Diaojiao Lou unique,it is cornices of the brackets Chaoyang Palace,Wanshou Palace,the Great Hall,Temple days,ya Chang Court,and other ancient buildings dotted the entire mountain city maintained the old-world style and features.Evolution of the ancient city of Phoenix to build profilePhoenix is a city in the state of Chu during the Spring and Autumn Period,as in central Guizhou.Qin for the county in central Guizhou.The three countries until the Han Dynasty,and Wuling County are County and Chen.Tan Cheng Jin Dynasty or the county,or Wuyang Xian,is still Wuling County.Fu-chen County for the Southern and Northern Dynasties and the Sui Dynasty to be changed in Chenxi county.Tang three-Chuigong(687)to Wei County,and then changed to Zhao Yu County,an Y.M.Jinzhou County.Five are still Wei-yang,Zhao Yu County,was placed under the early Song Ma County,peaceful and rejuvenating the country for seven years the Northern Song Dynasty(982)transfer Zhao Yu County,Xining 2008(1705)spent Zhao Yu,Ma Chi Fu County,Yuan-Yang Tan,a gun.Song Jia Qin three years(1203)high Wuzhai Division,a state think of soldiers and civilians An Fushi.This system follows the Yuan Dynasty.Ming Dynasty Hongwu 2007(1374)home Wuzhai long lawsuit,blue eyes Yongle(1405),the pole will be the Marshal House Ping Ping long pole to buy a lawsuit,in charge of Miao Village,an insurance Jing Zhou Xuan Wei soldiers and civilians so that the Secretary.39 Qing Emperor Kangxi(1700),when they set up an independent Office(Office of powder),43(1704)set-sentence(current officer),but not the abolition of Tusi,the flow into both territories.To 46 years of Emperor Kangxi(1707)governor-Yuan Zhao Shen toast to Joe Hiroshi lawless days,played the quasi-Ge the CD,not for the attack,bringing the total abolition of the system of toast.Jiaqing 2002(1797)or scattered to the Office of the Office of Zhili,or pass sentence for Tongzhi,the Republic of China 2 years(1913)to Phoenix for the Office of Fenghuang County.For the early second-class counties,the Office for governor,the governor of a home.In 8 years to third-class counties and county governor changed Corruption Commission Against Corruption,set up county.In 29 years(1940)Fu was promoted to a second-class county,Hunan province is the ninth Chief Inspector of the district.November 7,1949 peaceful liberation,April 21,1950 the establishment of the People's Fenghuang County,Yuanling attached to the area.In 1952 as Xiangxi Miao Autonomous Region.1955 Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture of Miao autonomous region changed,and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in 1957 on the basis of the establishment of the Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture,Phoenix has been part of the Xiangxi Autonomous PrefecturePhoenix city's ethnic nationalities to introduceCounty,the ancient city of Phoenix is a multi-ethnic county.21 Qing Emperor Qianlong(1756),the whole county population,82,604,31,221 Hmong people,accounting for 38%of the population throughout the county;in 1949 the county population of 156,300,of whom 81,400 were ethnic minorities,accounting for 52.08 percent of the total population;1985 The county's total population 30.0133 million,17.5899 million people of ethnic minorities,accounting for 58.61 percent of the total population,which accounted for 50.34 percent Miao,Tujia accounted for 8.06 percent,accounting for 0.15 percent of the Hui Yao,Zhuang,Manchu,Lebanon,possession,Dong,Gelo,National water accounting for a total of 0.06 percent.Miao is a large concentration of distribution of scattered small,the majority together to form a clan,the name for the stockade.Ward Hill,Prince Seoul mountain,Tai Ji Xin Tin,Pingxiang stove,three rural bridge,two sheep,township and district Allah tide of rural wells and the outskirts of the city are in rural areas gathered for the Hmong.In addition Southern town of Ji Xin Hua Shan,Pingxiang pole,Liao Xiang,the town of Allah,all the rural co-Huang Miao village inhabited and the rest for township and county Miao also mixed.Tujia is the distribution of large concentration of scattered small,scattered mainly in via sales@organosilicon.com Tel Allah,the new rural market,rural-Benz,the seven-Liang Xiang,Jiang-Ping Xiang,the bridge Xikou Township,Liao Xiang,Ji Xin in the town,and Pingxiang pole County,township and some of them live in villages.Other ethnic minorities living in a dispersed.In the ancient city of Phoenix before the Qing Dynasty,the Hmong men and women dress very small difference,all gorgeous color is a cloth.Under the wear on the Pied Bai Zhequn.Pago package ocher flowers,boat-shaped shoes to wear,wear all kinds of ornaments.Qing Emperor Kangxi years,the Government has instruction"men and women should dress",but the style of the coat ..www.book1234.com防采集请勿采集本网。

The biggest amusement park in Beijing is Happy Valley.There you can experience any heart-twitching event. The 798 factory is a place for arts in Beijing.It was an abandoned factory,but was

10月13日,2020春夏上海时装周期间,yehyehyeh 推出 SHAN FUTURE FORUM「善议:危机时代的创新」论坛,聚焦我们所处的巨变时代,同时思考时尚行业的角色。

the possible implication of young couples as early as Health Takako,and men and women have spent Dazhao Health.A total of eight,respectively,Fu,Lu,Shou,Hi,financial,text,image and both


Du Fu,\"will be extremely When Ling,list all small hill.\"Unfortunately,I have not yet received the Taishan,and the future board will have the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful sunrise

天才设计师、前 NikeLab 全球数字战略官 Heron Preston 就打破常规与纽约卫生部门 DSNY(NYC Department of Sanitation)合作,共同推广零浪费承诺,甚至还在自己的 Instagram 上面邀请了 20个粉丝与他一起参观纽约的垃圾分拣机构“Sims Municipal Recycling”,身体力行地宣传环保;“反抗灭绝”(Extinction Rebellion)气候活动人士采取更激进的手段,在柏林御林广场“躺尸”抗议,呼吁政府采取行动削减排放。他们还在 Facebook 上招募街头表演者加入气候主题戏剧《We Hear Bird Song》、《诺亚方舟》的街头演出,发起一场“叛乱”的狂欢。


Adwoa Aboah

Echo Shan(2005).\"Diving prince Tian Liang's new fling revealed in hot kiss\"(htm).China Daily.Retrieved on 2008-02-28. Flora Bagenal(2008).\"Diving princess Guo Jingjing enters love’s

脑洞大开的年轻群体成为了塑造可持续时尚未来的先行者,企业和非政府组织层面的行动也水涨船高。NIKE 公布《循环设计工作手册》,旨在作为全球时尚议程(Global Fashion Agenda)的签署方实现对2020年循环时尚系统的承诺;英国时装协会(British Fashion Council, BFC)再次邀请超模 Adwoa Aboah 担任大使,并同时出任其新平台“积极时尚”( Positive Fashion)的大使,以帮助 BFC 成功开展促进行业内模特健康和多样性的运动,领导行业变革;联合国携手 Stella McCartney 的个人品牌达成时尚产业气候行动宪章,于在波兰举行的气候谈判中启动,规定了签署人应当履行的16项承诺,从而减轻该行业对地球造成的破坏;还有绿毯时尚奖(The Green Carpet Fashion Awards)、循环时尚峰会(Circular Fashion Summit)等集结了时尚领袖、非政府组织代表和政府官员的可持续时尚活动,也连环发出倡议、设立奖项,号召每一个人都行动起来,视营造一个更美好的地球环境为己任。

这样的例子在过去两年的时尚界屡见不鲜,越来越多的人开始积极思考可以如何行动以塑造时尚的绿色未来。在今年的「善议」论坛,大声说出你对时尚的承诺 #Sayehs 也成为了主旋律。

鄂尔多斯羊绒集团和韩国 Kolon 集团作为服装制造企业从生意模式的角度#Sayehs,谈可以做的改变如何加持绿色时尚;具有创意眼光的投资人和非政府组织领导者向积极的时尚#Sayehs;设计师们对时尚之源的大自然#Sayehs,谈如何运用新材料模拟自然、修复自然并补充即将耗尽的自然资源;材料研究机构也加入了我们,来自日本和斯里兰卡的尖端公司对科研#Sayehs,希望把最先进的技术加速普及,帮助时尚返璞归真;还有四大科技企业,他们雄心勃勃,对未来时尚风格#Sayehs,希望打破时尚自成一体的壁垒,展示更多可能性;而年轻群体作为可持续时尚最重要的力量,也会首次在上海时装周集体发声,对循环设计和善意行动#Sayehs,表达未来愿景。

What do you want to

#Sayehs to?



- 报名通道 -



2:00– 2:05


- 开场致辞 -


2:05– 2:20


- 演讲 -


2:20– 3:00

#Sayehs to The Business of GOOD 善意经济



- 参讲嘉宾 -


Travis Peoples,全球时尚议程首席运营官



Han Kyung-Ae,韩国 Kolon 集团副主席

- 主持人 -

杨忆非,BoF China 时装商业评论编辑总监

3:00– 3:20

# Sayehsto The Positive Fashion 积极的时尚



- 对谈 -

Caroline Rush,英国时装协会首席执行官

余晚晚,Yu Holdings 创始人及 CEO、


叶晓薇,yehyehyeh 创始人

3:20– 3: 25

Nowness Film

Server Room | Director: AB/CD/CD

3:25– 3:40


- 演讲 -


3:40– 3: 55


- 演讲 -


3:55– 4:25

# Sayehs to The Future Nature 未来自然



- 参讲嘉宾 -

Kenji HIGASHI,日本 Spiber 集团商务代表

Rangika Thilan DeSilva,斯里兰卡 Slintec



- 主持人 -


4:25– 5:05

# Sayehs to The Technology of Style 科技时尚



- 参讲嘉宾 -


武彬,极睿科技 CEO

王蕾,极致盛放 CEO,3D 打印文化博物馆执行馆长

郑甜,Treasure 创意传讯创始人、

Swelland SneakCoin 项目联合发起人

- 主持人 -

许英华,Creative Fiber 创始人,

Future Tech Lab 中国区 CEO

5:05– 5:10

Nowness Film

Future Kitchen | Director: One One & One

5:10– 5: 25

# Sayehs to Circular Design 循环设计

- 演讲 -

Elodie Rousselot,艾伦·麦克阿瑟基金会项目经理,


5:25– 5: 45

# Sayehs to GOOD Action 善意行动

- 对谈 -

Lorenzo Albrighi, Lablaco 联合创始人兼首席执行官

ShihYun (Eliana), Kuo, Lablaco 联合创始人兼首席运营官


叶晓薇,yehyehyeh 创始人

5: 45- 5:50





yehyehyeh 创始人

叶晓薇是大中华地区时装界内最具影响力的传媒与意见领袖的代表之一,是哥本哈根时尚峰会常任顾问,同时连续多年为 BOF500 成员。曾担任《周末画报》杂志编辑总监的她,同时亦是杂志母公司现代传播集团的时尚编辑总监。2017年,叶晓薇成立了名为 yehyehyeh 的创意机构,旨在通过将可持续性,创意性和革新性结合在一起,帮助中国品牌和设计师优先看待可持续发展的议题。


BSR 中国总监

王林的可持续生涯始于日内瓦的国际劳工组织,她曾在中国经济特区设计了一个关于人力资源管理和劳工关系的项目。2005年,宜家聘请王林作为可持续发展经理负责宜家中国供应链的整体可持续发展业务。现任 BSR 中国总监的她,主要关注中国区供应链可持续性的问题,包括经济发展和人才战略。她拥有丰富的涉外经验和政府关系,是中国供应链、经济发展和劳工问题的领先思想家之一。




Travis Peoples


Travis Peoples 在战略规划和大规模执行方面拥有丰富经验。作为全球时尚议程(GlobalFashion Agenda,GFA)的首席运营官,他负责制定和领导 GFA 的战略、合作伙伴关系,包括组织旗舰活动哥本哈根时尚峰会的举办。在加入 GFA 前,Peoples 还领导阿迪达斯集团的全球战略,专注于长期规划、品牌定位以及推动可持续性运营。Peoples 也分别曾在波士顿咨询集团(Boston Consulting Group)和林克莱特(Linklaters)担任要职和律师。





Han Kyung-Ae

韩国 Kolon 集团副主席

从韩国成均馆大学获得时装设计学位后,HAN Kyung-Ae 于1984年以 Samdo Corporation 设计师的身份进入时装界。她在韩国领先服装制造商 Kolon 集团的职业生涯始于1995年,曾被任命为旗下多个品牌的创意总监和总经理。在她对 Kolon 的众多成就中,创立韩国首个可持续时尚品牌 RE;CODE 是最为显著的一项。随着众多品牌的成功推出,韩女士最近还被任命为 Kolon 集团最大品牌 Kolon Sports 的负责人。


BoF China 时装商业评论编辑总监

杨忆非活跃在跨国和跨文化环境下的出版和数字媒体领域,并在时尚商务方面具有扎实的经验。目前担任 BoF China 时尚业务编辑总监的她负责内容、社交媒体和市场营销事宜。此前,她担任 Vogue International 亚洲编辑,也是 BoF China 的创始执行编辑,帮助 Business of Fashion 在中国建立了内容,产品和业务的全方位渠道。

Caroline Rush


作为 British Fashion Council 首席执行官,Caroline Rush 负责把握英国时尚产业在国内外市场上的活动,为设计师提供了不可或缺的支持,并吸引外国买家和投资者。自从2009年被任命以来,Rush 在将伦敦时装周发展成为国际时装日历上的重要事件方面发挥了重要作用。她亦是 BOF500 成员,在音乐和生活方式领域的消费者和企业传播方面拥有20年的市场营销和 PR 经验,为 BFC 提供了战略传播和完整的新闻发布室职能。


Yu Holdings 创始人及 CEO,


余晚晚创立的 Yu Holdings 以“创意力量创投者”为使命,开创了根植中国、辐射全球的新时代创新型商业模式的先河。她积极投身于中国当代创意新力量的创投事业。以 Yu Holdings的名义与BoF时装商业评论合作启动首届“BoF China Prize”中国大奖,与英国电影电视艺术学院在中国启动”BAFTA展奕计划(中国)“,发掘并扶植中国本土设计师及娱乐人才,将他们推向世界舞台。她还通过一系列慈善举动推动艺术美学教育的普及,资助中国儿童教育和女性事业。Vogue International 将余晚晚称作是“当今最重要的时尚赞助人之一”。



建筑与设计策展人陈伯康为首位 DesignMiami and Design Miami/Basel 的策展总监,负责2019年主题关于“海洋”和“水”的展览活动。同时他也是香港西九龙文化区正在建设的全新视觉文化博物馆M+的总策划人,是该机构首位设计和建筑首席策展人(2012-2018)。陈伯康在建筑和设计行业备受推崇,拥有丰富的国际策展经历。他致力于为中国人才提供国际平台。





日本 Spiber 集团商务代表

Kenji Higashi 是日本 Spiber 公司的业务拓展人员。Spiber 是基于生物制造材料的“酿造蛋白质”新材料创建商,在这里 Higashi 为品牌和制造商搭建了新的合作伙伴关系,将使用“酿造蛋白质”的这种创新材料的应用商业化。Higashi 拥有生物技术硕士学位,此前在著名咨询机构埃森哲(Accenture)担任业务顾问。

Rangika Thilan De Silva

斯里兰卡 Slintec 纳米技术研究技术转让处负责人

Rangika De Silva 是博士与科学家,毕业于莫纳什大学,并于2015年在莫纳什大学获得了聚合物纳米复合材料及材料设计和加工领域的博士学位。斯里兰卡纳米技术研究所 SLINTEC 是斯里兰卡第一家公司研究机构,研究领域集中在尖端材料、智能纺织品、先进的农业、合成生物学、合成有机化学和纳米医学,以及工艺和工程系统六大块,为斯里兰卡对世界紧迫问题的解决做出了重大贡献。



研究生毕业于柏林设计艺术学院纺织与表面设计专业。2015年获首批国家留学基金委员会艺术类人才特别培养奖学金。2017年回国后在北京服装学院新材料设计研究中心任助理教授,致力于创新材料、材料的可持续设计等方向的研究。2019年3月组织策划设计上海中的“BIFT×?IMR Centre”新材料展区。



许悦毕业于密歇根州立大学 J-School,深耕于时尚相关的商务和电子商务的新闻领域,在担任界面新闻执行主编一职之前,曾在《CBN周刊》担任驻香港站记者。界面是最受中国中产阶级欢迎的新闻及商业社交平台,旗下拥有精品新闻业务界面新闻、专业投资资讯平台摩尔金融及中国最大独立设计师电商网站尤物。


Creative Fiber 创始人,Future Tech Lab 中国区 CEO

毕业于法国里昂商学院,许英华在时尚和科技领域积累了丰富的专业知识及行业经验。从世界100强清洁技术公司到欧洲著名时装设计师,她致力于为国际企业在中国市场发展提供战略建议与服务支持。做为时尚科技投资机构 Future Tech Lab 的中国区 CEO,她主要负责进行大中华地区的业务扩展及时尚科技项目管理,努力搭建时尚与科技对话的桥梁。





极睿科技 CEO

清华大学计算机系本科,人工智能实验室硕士,辅修大数据研究中心优秀毕业生,在校期间多次参与973、863重点项目,为"北京U30 30岁以下杰出青年”。INFIMIND 是一家专注于时尚领域的人工智能技术与解决方案提供商。凭借海量的时尚领域数据、国际领先的计算机视觉算法和工程能力,以“Fashion For Good”为愿景,致力于让时尚变得更 COOL。


极致盛放 CEO,3D 打印文化博物馆执行馆长

王蕾2014年与合伙人 Steven Ma, 鲁彬在上海成立极致盛放三维设计有限公司,推出中国首个3D打印消费品应用的时尚科技品牌“极致盛放”Xuberance,获得中国高级定制委员会认定的“数字高级定制”品牌。同时王蕾的多件设计作品曾选送顶级国际展览、参与国家部级以上展览,如意大利米兰家具展之卫星沙龙、北京国际设计三年展等。


Treasure 创意传讯创始人,

Swell and SneakCoin 项目联合发起人

Swell 是第一个由唯链雷神区块链赋能的潮流文化社区,以“Real Recognize Real”为愿景,为全球潮流爱好者创造一个灵感与文化自由碰撞的去中心化社区。作为联合发起人,郑甜主要负责其中 SneakCoin 的项目小组。她拥有超过10年的市场营销和传播经验,深耕于时尚和奢侈品行业。拥有创意产业时尚史研究与传播双硕士学位和中欧国际工商学院全球EMBA学位。

Elodie Rousselot


Rousselot 有着社会学,人类学和政治学方面的背景,使她在用户调研、设计策略和系统思考方面有着更加深入的洞察力和觉知。在加入基金会之前,Rousselot 曾在 Fjord 工作,Fjord 是一家设计和创新公司,隶属于埃森哲互动(Accenture Interactive),她领导着项目管理团队。艾伦·麦克阿瑟基金会则是推动循环经济和可持续发展的世界领袖机构。

Lorenzo Albrighi

Lablaco 联合创始人兼首席执行官

Albrighi 在时装界工作了近十年并推出了个人成衣系列后,在 Giorgio Armani 担任亚太区采购和商品经理,彼时他意识到当前的时装系统已经崩溃,便决定成立 Lablaco,也是 Lablaco 的第一位投资人。Lablaco 致力于重新设计新的数字和循环时尚系统,为全球品牌和消费者提供透明、可持续的未来。

ShihYun (Eliana), Kuo

Lablaco 联合创始人兼首运营官

Kuo 是一位数据和数字创新企业家,在奢侈品零售购买和商品管理,数据系统和数字媒体领域拥有8年以上的经验,她曾在米兰的 Giorgio Armani HQ 担任亚太区商品采购总监。她与 Albrighi 共创的 Lablaco 通过在平台中利用区块链,引入新的可持续业务模式重新定义零售商、品牌、设计师、影响者、内容之间的关系,将创造者和消费者汇集在同一个语境中。



上海本地姑娘,在饿了么Relab“捡垃圾”已经有2年了,为更多用户提供时尚又有趣的新事物,创立了外卖箱皮回收再造项目,用 re-design 的方式赋予废弃的外卖箱皮新的生命,并致力于打造零废弃外卖,为平台无需餐具用户谋福利。“点外卖选无需餐具,得蚂蚁森林能量”已成为平台用户指尖上的环保。

本次论坛亦由为时尚和生活方式品牌提供创新、激活和可持续发展策略及解决方案的 Creative Fiber 协同策划,并得到了倡导可持续生活的鄂尔多斯、兰精集团、上海素凯泰酒店对本次论坛的大力支持。

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10月13日 14:00 -18:00

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Creative Fiber

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yehyehyeh 由哥本哈根时尚峰会特别顾问及BoF 500成员之一的叶晓薇(Shaway Yeh)创办,是一家通过将可持续性发展、先锋创意和新技术整合旨在驱动产业产生价值转变的顾问机构。

楼主你好,我试下看,不一定行,但需要时间,能否给一个你不经常用的邮箱,这里看着眼花了~玄端:周朝制定的礼服,为玄色,广袖(很大的袖子),比较繁琐,在祭祀等重大时候才穿着。Xuanduan:Customized as full dress in the Zhou Dynasty,dark black,with very wide sleeves.It was used only in big event such as fetes.曲裾:上下连体,围绕身体一圈或数圈,造成特殊的缠绕效果。战国时期为日常服装,汉朝时演变为礼服,没有流传后世。某些款式下摆较窄,时长被误认为和服。Quju Dress:One-piece fashion,wear around the body one or several cicles,to make special style.It was costomized as townwear during Warring StatesPeriod,and as full dress in the Han Dynasty,not handed down to posterity.As laps of some kinds were rather narrow,they were often mistaken as kimono.深衣:战国时期的日常服装,在当时是男女都能穿着的。上下连体(不同于当时流行的上衣下裳),裳部分用布12幅,象征一年12个月。当时没有流传下来,在明朝时又被考据出来,成为男子的礼服。Shenyi Dress(The Long Dress):Townwear during Warring States Period,worn by both men and women.One-piece fashion(different from upper and lower garmentwhich was fashion at that time),lower garment comprised 12 pieces of cloth,signifying that there are 12 months in a year.It was not handed down at thattime,but discovered in the Ming Dynasty,it was customized as men's full dress.直裾:上下通裁的男子日常服装,系腰带或腰封。Zhiju Dress(The Direct Garment):Through cutting townwear for men,fasten by belt or corset.阑衫:圆领,在下部围一幅布,多作为官服。Lanshan Dress:Rund collar,circled by a piece of cloth as lower garment,usually customized as a togae.直身:又叫道袍,明朝时期的男子日常服装。也是上下通裁,有暗摆,造成打褶的效果。Zhishen:Namely priest frock,men's townwear in the Ming Dynasty.Through cutting,with dark lap,to make style of pendulum.儒裙:女子的日常服装,襦是短衣,裙就是裙子。Ruqun Dress:Women's townwear,Ru is one kind of cutty sark,and Qun is one kind of skirt.半臂:女子上衣的一种,袖子类似现代的短袖。Banbi Dress(The Half-Sleeve):One kind of women's upper garment,with sleeves similar to nowaday short sleeves.齐胸儒裙:唐朝的服装样式,和一般儒裙一样,但系在胸部上方。搭配讠可(读ke1)子(一种内衣)和对襟上衣。韩服的借鉴对象。Chest-Ruqun Dress:Tang Dynasty's style,similar to general Ruqun,but fasten around the chest.Pair up with Kezi and Chinese-style jacket.Hanbok refers toits style.对襟上衣:唐朝时期的女子上衣,不同于通常汉服的交领,而是对襟样式,唐朝之后没有再流行。Front opening collar jacket:Women's jacket in the Tang Dynasty,not common Hanfu cross collar style,but front opening collar style,not popular after TangDynasty.马面裙:明朝时期的一种裙子,有打褶的效果,非常华丽。Mamianqun:One kind of skirt in the Ming Dynasty,with a rather gorgeous style of pendulum.褙子:即披风。男子的日常服饰,女子的礼服。Beizi:One kind of cape,as men's townwear and women's dress.短打:劳动人民的服装,为上衣和袴(裤子),可以系腰带,上衣两边开衩。袖口小,便于劳动。可以作为现代的休闲服装和居家服。Duanda(Short-weight):The labouring people's townwear,with Chinese-style jacket and trousers.The jacket has slit on both side,with narrow sleeves,verymuch facilitate labour.It can be used as easy suit and house wear.中衣:男士为中衣和袴(裤子),女士为中衣和裳(裙子)。男子在穿礼服的时候还需要在中衣外穿中单,一件白色的袍。如果不穿中衣就穿汉服就如同不穿衬衫就穿西服一样,是非常不礼貌的行为.Underpants:Men wear underpants and trousers,while women wear underpants and lower garment.Men must wear Zhongdan,a piece of white gown over underpantswhen they wear dress.It is considered impolite when people wear Hanfu withouot underpants,which is quite like that people wear suit without shirt内容来自www.book1234.com请勿采集。


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